For live video of the Zoning Hearings and Lee Plan Amendments, please stream on LeeTV, and  Youtube.

collapse Year : 2023 ‎(4)
 Zoning Hearing & Lee Plan Amendments3/22/2023Agenda
 Zoning Hearing & Lee Plan Amendments3/8/2023AgendaVideo
 Zoning Hearing & Lee Plan Amendments2/8/2023AgendaVideo
 Zoning Hearing1/18/2023AgendaVideo
collapse Year : 2022 ‎(15)
 Zoning Hearing & Lee Plan Amendments12/7/2022CANCELLED
 Zoning Hearing & Lee Plan Amendments11/2/2022AgendaVideo
 Lee Plan Amendments10/5/2022CANCELLED
 Zoning Hearing & Lee Plan Amendments9/21/2022AgendaVideo
 Zoning Hearing & Lee Plan Amendments9/7/2022AgendaVideo
 Zoning Hearing & Lee Plan Amendments8/17/2022AgendaVideo
 Zoning Hearing & Lee Plan Amendments8/2/2022AgendaVideo
 Zoning Hearing6/22/2022Agenda
 Zoning Hearing5/18/2022AgendaVideo
 Zoning Hearing & Lee Plan Amendments4/20/2022AgendaVideo
 Zoning Hearing4/6/2022AgendaVideo
 Zoning Hearing3/2/2022AgendaVideo
 Zoning Hearing & Lee Plan Amendments2/16/2022AgendaVideo
 Zoning Hearing2/2/2022AgendaVideo
 Zoning Hearing & Lee Plan Amendments1/19/2022AgendaVideo
collapse Year : 2021 ‎(12)
 Zoning Hearing & Lee Plan Amendments12/8/2021AgendaVideo
 Zoning Hearing11/3/2021AgendaVideo
 Zoning Hearing10/6/2021AgendaVideo
 Zoning Hearing9/8/2021AgendaVideo
 Zoning Hearing8/18/2021AgendaVideo
 Zoning Hearing6/16/2021AgendaVideo
 Zoning Hearing & Lee Plan Amendments6/2/2021AgendaVideo
 Zoning Hearing & Lee Plan Amendments4/7/2021AgendaVideo
 Zoning Hearing3/17/2021AgendaVideo
 Zoning Hearing & Lee Plan Amendments3/3/2021AgendaVideo
 Zoning Hearing & Lee Plan Amendments2/3/2021AgendaVideo
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Requesting Older Agendas​

Zoning Hearings and Lee Plan Amendment agendas and videos prior to 6/17/2020 can be requested by submitting a public records request or you may contact the Lee County Custodian of Public Records Samantha Westen via mail at 2115 Second St., Fort Myers, FL 33901; email at; phone at 239-533-2112; or fax at 239-485-2262.