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collapse Date: 10/3/2023

10-03-23 White Cane Day
The white cane serves as a mobility tool and is a widely recognized symbol of independence for those who are visually impaired; and

Whereas, by act of U.S. Congress the President authorized, beginning in 1964, the annual proclamation of October 15th as National White Cane Safety Day; and

Whereas, state law acknowledges the freedom and independence of individuals with blindness and vision impairment and makes provisions for their access to and crossing of roads and intersections; and

Whereas, individuals with visual impairments are active, contributing members of society who create and join in opportunities within our communities and county; and

Whereas, Lighthouse of Southwest Florida holds their “White Cane Day” event each year and the organization has become a beacon of hope and inspiration aimed at guiding people of all ages living with a visual impairment or blindness on their way to independence.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED THAT THE Board of County Commissioners of Lee County, Florida proclaims that October 15, 2023 shall be known as WHITE CANE SAFETY DAY In Lee County and urges motorists to be aware of community members with blindness and vision impairments and encourages all citizens to take the time to reflect on the meaning of the white cane in recognition of those who carry it.


10-03-23 4-H Week
4-H is the largest youth development organization in the United States with over 230,000 members in the State of Florida being a part of the 6.5 million members across the country.

Whereas, 4-H is a community of young people who are learning leadership, citizenship, and life skills; and

Whereas, the Lee County 4-H Youth Development Program exists to develop young people, ages 5 through 18, and has served young people in our state since 1909; and

Whereas, the 4-H Program has molded itself to meet the needs of our citizens by focusing on developing rural, suburban and urban youth and through the Florida Cooperative Extension,

Whereas, the program uses the research and knowledge base of our state’s land grant institutions, Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences at the University of Florida, known as UF/IFAS Extension; and

Whereas, through “learning by doing” experiences, young people in the 4-H Program practice life skills with the guidance of caring adult volunteer mentors and Cooperative Extension faculty and staff; and

Whereas, 4-H provides Lee County youth the opportunities to develop positive relationships, competencies and attitudes that will assist them in making positive choices for their lives, thereby effectively preparing them to meet the challenges of becoming productive citizens;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED THAT the Board of County Commissioners of Lee County, Florida does hereby proclaim the week of October 1, 2023 as 4-H WEEK in Lee County and hereby commends the youth participants for representing their pledge to use their Heads for clearer thinking, their Hearts for greater loyalty, their Hands for larger service, and the Health for better living. 

collapse Date: 9/19/2023

09-19-23 Toni Lapi Induction into Tourism Hall of Fame
Tony began his career in the hospitality business in 1976, when he and his partners purchased property and a few small structures on a breathtaking site at Captiva's narrowest section that bridges both gulf and bay. Tony built the resort from the ground up, increasing the property's units from 47 to 137, along with purchasing two additional properties, Beachview Cottages and Castaways Beach to Bay, in 1979 and 1982 respectively; and

Whereas, Tony Lapi is a dedicated leader, visionary and industry mentor, having grown many staff into leadership positions in tourism. He enthusiastically promotes tourism and businesses in Florida, and he has been a trailblazer in many Southwest Florida tourism and business organizations; and
Whereas, from 2004 to present, Tony has served on the Lee County Tourist Development Council, first as an ex-officio member and then taking a voting slot in 2013,  and Tony’s dedicated, thoughtful leadership has helped grow our County into a premier destination of choice; and

Whereas, Tony joined the VISIT FLORIDA Board of Directors in 2007 and served as the 2011-2012 Chairman of the Board. As VISIT FLORIDA Chair, the State saw back-to-back years of record visitation; and
Whereas, Tony Lapi was recently inducted into Florida’s Tourism Hall of Fame for his  incredible impact on the tourism industry.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED THAT THE Board of County Commissioners of Lee County, Florida proclaims September 19 as TONY LAPI DAY in Lee County and acknowledge that his generous contributions of both time and resources have made a huge difference in our community and his innovative entrepreneurial spirit continues to inspire our tourism industry.


09-19-23 Fort Myers East Rotary Club 50th Anniversary
The Rotary Club of Fort Myers East was chartered on September 21, 1973, as a member of Rotary International, founded in Chicago, Illinois on February 23, 1905; and

Whereas, Rotary International remains a worldwide service organization consisting of dedicated members who share the passion for service and friendship in their community and around the world; and

Whereas, the Rotary Club of Fort Myers East members are dedicated to helping those in need in their community with college scholarships, monetary donations to other nonprofit organizations, literacy projects, aid to senior citizens, Meals of Hope, hurricane relief projects, and many other community programs for 50 years; and

Whereas, these Rotarians have also joined international humanitarian projects such as providing clean water and wells where needed, and helping to eradicate polio worldwide; and
Whereas, Rotarians continue to live by the motto of “Service Above Self” which encourages high ethical standards, promoting peace and goodwill in the world, while providing humanitarian aid throughout the world.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED THAT THE Board of County Commissioners of Lee County, Florida proclaims September 21st as ROTARY CLUB OF FORT MYERS EAST DAY in Lee County and encourages citizens to pause and recognize the impact that members of service organizations like this Rotary Club provide to our families, in Lee County and encourages citizens to pause and recognize the impact that members of service organizations like this Rotary Club provide to our families, schools and communities.

collapse Date: 9/5/2023

09-05-23 Hunger Action Month
September is Hunger Action Month; and

Whereas,  food is a basic and essential need of every living creature; and

Whereas, Harry Chapin Food Bank is the largest hunger-relief nonprofit and the only Feeding America member in Southwest Florida serving Lee County; and

Whereas, 14.7 million pounds of food were distributed by Harry Chapin Food Bank in Lee County during 2022; and

Whereas, this September we ask citizens to please join the fight to end hunger and to lend their power, voices, actions and commitment to ensure nobody ever has to make an impossible choice between food and other necessities such as medicine, utilities, or childcare.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED THAT THE Board of County Commissioners of Lee County, Florida proclaims the month of September as HUNGER ACTION MONTH in Lee County and encourages all citizens to advocate, volunteer and raise their awareness of this issue during Hunger Action Month to help the fight to end hunger in Lee County.


09-05-23 Falls Prevention Awareness Day
Over 23 percent of Florida residents are 65 years of age or older; and

Whereas,  falls are the leading cause of fatal and nonfatal injuries among Florida’s senior population, resulting in significant physical, personal, social, and economic burdens.

Whereas, it is estimated that annually there are more than 150,000 hospital-treated injuries from falls among Floridians 65 and older, with medical charges exceeding $2 billion; and 

Whereas,  among Floridians 65 and older, falls account for more than 75 percent of all fractures treated in emergency departments; and

Whereas, falling and the fear of falling can lead to depression, loss of mobility and loss of functional independence; and
Whereas, injuries from falls are a preventable community health problem; and

Whereas, falls prevention education is a critical first step to increasing public awareness regarding elder falls prevention and home safety; and

Whereas, cost-effective home modification and community strategies are available to improve safety and lessen the likelihood of falls and the debilitating injuries that can result; and

Whereas, implementing elder falls prevention strategies is an effective tool for reducing the stresses associated with providing caregiver services; and

Whereas, the Florida Department of Elder Affairs/Communities for a Lifetime, the Florida Department of Health/Office of Injury Prevention, Florida Statewide Falls Prevention Coalition, and state Area Agencies on Aging, in partnership with Florida communities and residents, are working to increase awareness of this issue and encourage Florida residents to take steps to protect those who are at risk of falling,

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED THAT THE Board of County Commissioners of Lee County, Florida proclaims September 22, 2023 as FALLS PREVENTION AWARENESS DAY in Lee County, and I urge all citizens to join us in this special observance.