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collapse Date: 6/16/2020

06-16-20 Parks Rec Month
The National Recreation & Parks Association has declared July as National Parks & Recreation Month; and

WHEREAS, Lee County Parks and Recreation touches the lives of individuals, families, groups, and the entire community, positively impacting upon the social, economic, and environmental quality of our county; and

WHEREAS, parks, greenways, and open spaces provide a welcome respite from our fast paced, high tech lifestyles while protecting and preserving our natural environment; and

WHEREAS, parks, playgrounds, nature trails, open spaces, community and cultural centers, as well as historic sites make communities attractive and desirable places to live, work, play and visit; and

WHEREAS, Lee County Parks and Recreation activities and leisure experiences provide opportunities for young people to live, grow, and develop into contributing members of society; and
WHEREAS, parks and recreation agencies provide outlets for physical activities, socialization and stress reducing experiences;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED THAT the Board of County Commissioners of Lee County, Florida does hereby proclaim July 2020 as: PARKS & RECREATION MONTH in Lee County and urges all citizens to visit the parks, especially on the weekend of July 25th and 26th, 2020 when all parking fees will be waived at Lee County regional parks and boat ramps and admission will be free at the county pools.