​Lee County Sports Development prides itself in working with some of the best organizations in the hospitality industry. Our primary partners are Lee County Visitor and Convention Bureau/Tourist Development Council, Lee County Economic Development and Lee County Parks & Recreation.

The Visitor and Convention Bureau (VCB)

The vision and mission statements of the VCB are to enhance our position as the premier tourism marketing organization, working with our partners to promote one of the world's best tourism destinations.

The mission of Lee County Visitor & Convention Bureau, as the industry's leader, is to market the area globally, facilitate travel to Lee County for the continual benefit of its residents, the economy and the travel and tourism industry.

The Tourist Development Council (TDC)

In 1982, Lee County residents voted by referendum to form a tourism organization that would promote Lee County's off-season vacation assets in the United States and abroad. A 2 percent tax on short-term accommodations was approved to support the new Lee County Tourist Development Council (TDC) and its promotions. In 1988, an additional 1 percent tourist tax was levied to a total of 3 percent to support the Beach & Shoreline Capital Improvement Program.

The Tourist Development Council is a eleven-member Council appointed as an advisory committee to the Lee County Board of County Commissioners (BOCC). TDC members oversee the entire tourist development tax fund, provide direction on programs and budget, and review the expenditures of the Lee County Visitor & Convention Bureau (VCB) quarterly.

The TDC appointed seats are comprised of three elected officials, three representatives from accommodations collecting the tourist tax, and three representatives from tourism-related industries, as directed by Florida Statutes 125.0104.

Each year the TDC approves funding for the maintenance of Lee County beaches, for beach renourishment projects, and for beach and shoreline capital projects such as piers, boardwalks, parks and re-vegetation.

In 2005 the BOCC approved an additional 2 percent tourist tax to a total of 5 percent in order to compete in an ever-changing world and an increasingly competitive travel market.

The TDC and VCB are funded by a 5 percent tourist tax collected on accommodations rented for six months or less. Tourist tax receipts are estimated at 26.5 annually.

Lee County is committed to protecting all of the unique amenities that draw visitors here from around the world, whether it be our beautiful natural resources or our world class baseball facilities. More than 78 million has been collected to manage, renourish and enhance our beaches and protect and maintain our rivers and coastal estuaries.

​tourist tax
fund Distribution
​54%​Operation of the VCB (including advertising and promotions)
​26%​Funding for beaches and shoreline projects that enhance the Southwest Florida experience
​20%​Funding for stadium renovations, operations and improvements

Lee County Visitor & Convention Bureau
2201 Second Street, Suite 600
Fort Myers, FL 33901
Phone: 239-338-3500
Toll-Free: 800-237-6444
Email:  VCB@LeeGov.com 
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The Economic Development Office (EDO)

The Lee County Economic Development Office provides business assistance to retain existing businesses, encourage entrepreneurship and attract new business so that Lee County, Florida has a strong economy, thriving communities, and broad shared prosperity. 

Lee County Economic Development                                                                                                              2201 Second Street, Suite 500                                                                                                                     Fort Myers, FL 33901                                                                                                                                    Phone:  239-533-6800                                                                                                                                    Email:  EDO@LeeGov.com                                                                                                                                  Visit Website                                                                   

Lee County Parks & Recreation

Lee County Parks & Recreation was first organized in the early 1970s. Prior to that time, there were very few parks being maintained and almost no programming being provided. The department actually began with the completion of four community swimming pools, three of which were built on the School District of Lee County's property. Thus began the longstanding relationship between Parks & Recreation and the Lee County Public School District. The goal is to maximize combined resources to provide the citizens of Lee County with the best possible facilities and programs with the least possible expenditure of public funds. In other words, get more "bang for the buck."

It has been a very rewarding relationship for all parties, especially for the residents of Lee County. From Parks & Recreation's meager beginnings, it has grown dramatically, now managing more than 3,500 acres of developed parkland and providing for hundreds of programs throughout the County. This growth reflects the 63 percent population growth experienced by Lee County in the last decade alone.

In 2003, the partnership with LCSD was formed with the goal of working together to attract and maintain sports events and meetings that would have a positive economic impact on the hospitality industry using sports as that vehicle.

Administration Office
Terry Park
3410 Palm Beach Boulevard
Fort Myers, FL 33916
Phone: 239-533-7275
Fax: 239-485-2300
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Sports Housing Bureau

Lee County Sports Organizing Committee (SOC)
Allison Gruber, Director
PO Box 101548
Cape Coral, FL 33910
Phone: 239-541-1800
Fax: 239-541-1803
Email: leecountysports@aol.com
Website: http://www.leecountysportshousing.net/

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