Alico Arena has 4,500 seats in an oval configuration and a permanent hardwood floor. It includes four full-sized basketball courts and six suites. In addition to the arena, the facility includes offices for the Athletics Department and arena staff, as well as 12 locker rooms and a hospitality room.

Alico Arena Quick Facts

Seating Capacity

  • 4,250 fixed seats (includes sky boxes)
  • 250 SROs (standing room only)
  • 4,500 capacity (can be decreased depending upon event demands or facility configuration)

Amenities Available

  • Approximately 20,000 sq. ft. main gym with 6 folding hoops, 3 practice courts, 2 portable goals and 1 main court
  • 3 volleyball courts and 1 main volleyball court
  • 4 retractable bleachers
  • Approximately 8,000 sq. ft. auxiliary gym with 2 folding hoops and 1 court
  • 1 volleyball court
  • Hospitality suite that accommodates up to 80 banquet-style and 100 audience-style
  • Six (6) sky boxes complete with refrigerators, cable televisions and service counters
  • Two (2) ticket offices
  • Six (6) ticket windows (3 for each ticket office)
  • Two (2) concession stands
  • Fitness center complete with free weights, cardio, power lifting room and aerobics room
  • Wireless internet

Alico Arena Specifications Sheet