• Gymnasium measures approximately 100’ X 100’ with the spectator stands retracted
  • Stands extend approximately 25’ each, leaving approximately 50’ X 100’ of area
  • Stands capacity approximately 750 seats per side
  • Power driven stands (both out and retracting)
  • Gymnasium floor was sanded to bare wood and repainted in 2012
  • Lined for official basketball court and official volley ball court
  • Marked for two practice courts on the sides
  • Three (3) sets of clear, power retractable basketball goals
  • Retractable into individual sets
  • Power retractable fabric/screen divider that splits the gym in half floor to ceiling
  • Running track on the balcony, carpeted on three legs
  • Track is 4’ wide and totals approximately 400’ total length
  • Entire gym was totally refurbished between 2008-2012