Liaison / Dept:Chris Range, Community Development, 533-8895
Created By:Ordinance
Date Created:10/30/1974
Number of Members:14
At Large/Category. 4-General, Building or Residential Contractors, 1-Air Conditioning or Mechanical Contractor, 1-Pool Contractor, 1-Roofing Contractor, 1-Sheet Metal/ Aluminum Contractor, 1-Electrical Contractor, 1-Plumbing Contractor, 1-Architect or Engineer, 3-Consumer Representatives. Building Department Director as Ex-Officio Member.
Financial Disclosure Required:YES
To establish business and building regulations which are necessary for the protection of the public; to regulate the construction and home improvement industries and to secure and promote the public health, comfort, safety and welfare of the inhabitants of Lee County.

Current/Upcoming VacanciesTerm ExpiresAvailability
Air Conditioning or Mechanical ContractorOctober Immediately
Consumer RepresentativeOctober Immediately
General, Building or Residential ContractorOctober Immediately
Plumbing ContractorOctober Immediately
Pool ContractorOctober Immediately
Sheet Metal /Aluminum ContractorOctober Immediately

Filled PositionsTerm Expires
Architect or Engineer
-Mr. Joshua D. Hudson
October 2022
Consumer Representative
-Mr. Robert H Godek
October 2022
Consumer Representative
-Mr. Thomas A. Phillips
October 2023
Electrical Contractor
-Mrs. Melodie A. Schroth
October 2024
General, Building or Residential Contractor
-Mr. George K. Chauvin
October 2023
General, Building or Residential Contractor
-Mr. Bernard "Butch" McGovern
October 2022
General, Building or Residential Contractor
-Mr. Robert M. Gislason
October 2022
Roofing Contractor
-Mr. Durward Hussey
October 2022

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