Liaison / Dept:Anthony Rodriguez, DCD/Planning Division, 533-8786
Created By:Ordinance
Date Created:12/21/1988
Number of Members:7
At large/Category. 2 At-Large, 5 by category: 1-History or Archaeology; 1-Real Estate Land Developer or Finance; 1-Law or Urban Planning; 1-Engineering, Architecture, Building Construction or Landscape Architecture, 1-Architect.
Financial Disclosure Required:YES
The purpose is to be responsible for the aesthetic, archaeological, cultural, historical and architectural heritage of the unincorporated areas of Lee County excluding the Boca Grande Community. This includes promoting the use of historic sites, districts, archaeological and scenic areas for the education, pleasure and welfare of the citizens.

Current/Upcoming VacanciesTerm ExpiresAvailability
At LargeDecember 2022Immediately

Filled PositionsTerm Expires
-Mr. Kevin Williams
December 2022
At Large
-Mr. James M. Ink
December 2020
Engineering, Architecture, Building Construction or Landscape Architecture
-Ms. Rae Ann Wessel
December 2022
History or Archaeology
-Ms. Katherine A. Brownell
December 2022
Law or Urban Planning
-Ms. Toni Ferrell Sutton
December 2020
Real Estate Land Developer or Finance
-Mr. Joe F. Smith
December 2021

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