Street Name Search

Before applying for a new street name or street name change, please use the search below.

Search Instructions:

  • Select New Street Name(s) or Street Name Change.

  • Click Add Street and a pop-up box will appear. In the Street Name field, enter the proposed name without the extension (St., Ln., Ct., Pl., etc.), then click Add. If the street name is available, it will appear in the box on the webpage. If the street name is not available, the names of the streets currently in use will show up in the pop up box and another name will need to be chosen.

  • If you need to remove streets from the box on the webpage after it has been chosen, click Clear Streets.

  • After you finish adding streets to the box, click Proceed to Application (appears beneath box).

Search Tips:

  • A phonetically sounding name of an existing street will not be considered for approval.

  • You cannot select an existing street for "New Street Name."

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