If you have retired from a position with the Lee County Board of County Commissioners, you can explore useful information about your retiree benefits including medical, dental, vision and life insurance.

The Lee County Retiree Benefits Open Enrollment will run from
October 2, 2023 -October 13, 2023. 

The 2024 Open Enrollment Guide contains important information about your benefits and can be found below.

2024 Retiree Open Enrollment Guide

Around mid-September, you will also receive a letter in the mail with a snapshot of your current benefits, an enrollment form and a beneficiary form.

When you receive this letter, please review your current benefit elections enclosed with this letter very carefully as well as the online Open Enrollment guide. This is your once-a-year opportunity to make changes to your benefits unless you have an eligible change in status.

The only change on our retiree plans is a small increase in our Medicare Advantage plan. This plan still remains our most affordable option for retirees. Please review rate sheet within the Open Enrollment Guide for 2024 rates.

You can find all of the plan design and coverage summaries for Lee County Retiree benefits below:

2024 Lee County Open Access Aetna Select Plan Design

2024 Lee County Open Access Aetna Select Summary of Benefits & Coverage

2024 Lee County Aetna Choice POS II Plan Design

2024 Lee County Aetna Choice POS II Summary of Benefits & Coverage

2024 Medicare Advantage Plan Information Guide

2024 Lee County Medicare Advantage Plan Summary of Benefits 

Medicare Advantage Plan Presentation (Prerecorded Video)

Medicare Advantage Plan Presentation (PDF) 

Medicare Overview by Aon (Prerecorded Video)

2024 Lee County Dental Benefit Summary 

2024 VSP Summary (High and Low Plans)

2024 Voluntary Life Coverage Highlights

2024 Retiree Rates with Subsidy

2024 Retiree Rates No Subsidy

2024 Aetna Medicare Advantage Plan Rates Subsidy

2024 Aetna Medicare Advantage plan Rates No Subsidy

If you have questions about your current plans or plan options, please contact the Lee County Benefits Department at 239-533-2245 or

If you do not want to make any changes to your benefits and wish to keep everything the same as they currently are, you do not need to complete and return the enrollment form, your elections will stay the same in 2024.

If you do wish to make changes, please submit the 2024 Benefit Election Form on page 4 of the mailed letter you receive, to Lee County Human Resources, no later than 5:00 PM, Friday, October 13, 2023.

We also ask that if you participate in our voluntary retiree life plan, that you please update your beneficiary form with us annually. You will find the beneficiary form below as well as enclosed with the mailed letter you will receive.

Life Insurance Beneficiary Form

If you currently participate in Life Insurance and wish to drop your coverage, please fill out the Life Insurance Drop Form. Please note if you leave the plan, you will not be able to reenroll at a later date. You will find the Life Insurance drop form below as well as enclosed with the mailed letter you will receive.

Life Insurance Drop Form

  • Return required forms in person or by mail: Human Resources Benefits, 1825 Hendry Street, Suite 200, Fort Myers, FL  33901
  • Fax:  239-485-2052
  • Scan & Email: 

As a reminder, if you need to update your address, please make sure to do so both with Lee County Human Resources as well as FRS. You may update your contact information with Lee County here: 

Contact Information Update Link

You can also find a copy of our Creditable Coverage Memo and Notice below. These will also be included in the mailing you receive.

Cover Memo Creditable Coverage Retiree

LCBOCC Creditable Coverage Notice

Enrollment Questions:

Camilla Smith
Senior Benefits Specialist
1825 Hendry Street, Suite 200 Fort Myers, FL 33901

MAP Claims Questions:


Aetna Claims Questions:

Jim Cotter
Dedicated Lee County Aetna Representative

If you do not receive an Open Enrollment email by September 15, please contact our office for assistance at 239-533-2245.


The Employee Benefits team provides assistance on a variety of retirement issues. If you need help understanding what your benefits include, or if you have questions about the DROP, retirement or medical plans, please contact our office.

​Questions? Call 239-533-2245 and ask for Benefits.​