Disability Coverages

Short Term Disability

The carrier for Short Term Disability (employee purchased), is The Standard. Premiums for Short Term Disability are based on your age and weekly salary. The premium will change when a change in your salary or age occurs.

Short-term disability is a voluntary, payroll deducted benefit that enables employees to receive disability income to offset financial losses that result from a non-work-related injury, illness, disease, or pregnancy. After a 7-day waiting period, approved disability claims provide 60% of the first $1,000 of your pre-disability income (up to a weekly maximum benefit of $600), reduced by any other taxable income you receive. Your short-term disability income is not taxable.

Employees who declined coverage and wish to enroll at a later date must submit an EOI (Evidence of Insurability) form to the Standard. The Standard will accept or deny part or all of your requested coverage amount according to the information received.

Long Term Disability

The carrier for Long Term Disability is The Standard. There is no cost for this benefit for Lee County Employees. This benefit pays a monthly income amount for a total or partial disability resulting in an extended absence from for a non-work-related illness or injury that is not a pre-existing condition.

There is a 90-day waiting period before benefits begin. The benefit pays 60% pre-disability base salary, reduced by any other taxable income you receive up to a maximum monthly benefit of $5,000 until you are no longer disabled or until you have met your maximum benefit period. LTD benefits are considered taxable income and premiums are paid 100% by Lee County.

To inquire about the process for initiating a claim, please contact Employee Health Services at or 239-533-2245. 

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