Employee Relations provides policy interpretation, confidential assistance with employee relation issues, exit interviews, performance evaluation monitoring, and service awards.

The Lee County Policy Manual contains a variety of information regarding employment, employee behavior, the workplace, educational assistance, holiday schedule, leaves of absence, pay practices, corrective action, etc.

Collective Bargaining Agreements

Letter from the County Manager and County Attorney

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Policy Manual

000.pdf000Table of Contents
001.pdf001Functions of this Manual
004.pdf004Personnel Records
005.pdf005Solicitation Distribution
006.pdf006Policy Towards Unions
101.pdf101Behavior of Employees
102.pdf102Attendance and Punctuality
103.pdf103Tobacco Free Workplace
104.pdf104Personal Appearance of Employees
201.pdf201Equal Employment Opportunity
202.pdf202Harassment Policy
203.pdf203Workplace Violence
204.pdf204Computer Resources
205.pdf205Drugs and Alcohol in the Workplace
206.pdf206Code of Ethics
207.pdf207Citizen Relations
208.pdf208Use of Communication Systems
209.pdf209Alternative Work Arrangements
210.pdf210Workplace Safety
211.pdf211Educational Assistance
212.pdf212Employee Awards
213.pdf213Social Media
214.pdf214Whistle Blowing
302.pdf302Medical Procedures
303.pdf303Probationary Period
306.pdf306Hours of Work
307.pdf307Outside Employment
308.pdf308Supplemental Workforce
309.pdf309Rehire Policy
310.pdf310Separation of Employment
401.pdf401Sick Leave
402.pdf402Vacation Leave
404.pdf404Leave of Absence
405.pdf405Family and Medical Leave
405A.pdf405AMilitary Medical & Family Leave
406.pdf406Bereavement & Civic Duty Leaves
407.pdf407Workers' Compensation Leave
408.pdf408Educational Leave
501.pdf501Salary Administration
502.pdf502Performance Evaluations
503.pdf503Pay Procedures
504.pdf504Pay for Work During Emergencies or Disasters
505.pdf505Incentive Pay
506.pdf506Direct Bonus Program
507.pdf507License/Registration Certification and Fee Renewals
508.pdf508Moving Expenses
601.pdf601Corrective Action/Disciplinary Procedure
602.pdf602Grievance Procedure
CPManual.pdfCPManualComplete Policy Manual
Policy Manual Letter from the County Manager and Attorney.pdfPolicy Manual Letter from the County Manager and Attorney