​Bicycle Response Team

Lee County EMS Bike TeamLee County Paramedic Bicycle Response Team is set to provide timely Advanced Life Support (ALS) response to patients in large-scale events, such as concerts, community events and block parties. EMS response in these situations has always been a challenge. However, with our bike team we can be at the patient's side within minutes with a full compliment of ALS equipment.

The team was formed in January 2001, when Lt. Dave Wheaton (ret.) noted that response into areas where large gatherings of people attending events such as outdoor concerts, parades and block parties was difficult. He also determined that the units covering the event were frequently out of position. With the Bicycle Response Team, Lee County EMS is capable of deploying at large special events with appropriate medical equipment to handle the most common situations faced in this setting.

For more information about the Lee County EMS Bicycle Response Team or to request their services, contact Lt. Dominick Boyd at dboyd@leegov.com.

ALS Competition Team

2016 EMS Competition Team.jpgThe Lee County EMS Competition Team competes in Advanced Life Support (ALS) Competitions held at local, regional, statewide and national levels. The objective of the Competition Team is to create a challenging and educational experience for emergency medical personnel that results in them being better prepared for the challenges that they encounter in the field.  EMS Competitions introduce competitors and audiences to new techniques and technology that can be used to manage patients of all levels of patient acuity. The competitions also enable participants to share their expertise, experience, techniques and technology with EMS colleagues from throughout the world.

Pictured is the 2016 ALS Competition Team with (L to R) Team-Leader/FTO/Paramedic Ashley Albritton, FTO/Paramedic Rick Waters, FTO/Paramedic Heather Demos, FTO/Paramedic Jason Gaff, and Coaches Lt. Daren Watson and Lt. Adam Thompson.

For information about the Lee County EMS Competition Team, please contact team coaches Lt. Adam Thompson at athompson@leegov.com or Lt. Daren Watson at dwatson@leegov.com.

Honor Guard

The Lee County EMS Honor Guard provides funeral honors for active and veteran first responders: firefighters, paramedics and police officers, among others. The Honor Guard also provides honors and ceremonies for distinguished persons, change of command ceremonies, civilian programs, parades and celebrations.

For more information about the Honor Guard, or to request their services, contact EMS Deputy Chief Doug Higgins at dhiggins@leegov.com.

Strike Team

The Lee County EMS Strike Team is a group of paramedics, emergency medical technicians and supervisors trained and equipped to respond and operate in austere environments following a disaster. The team can be deployed as part of a regional strike team or a larger statewide request for resources. Each team member is issued additional uniforms and equipment and have their personal items packed for a seven- to 10-day deployment. The team also has medical equipment and supporting gear ready to deploy.

For more information about the Lee County EMS Strike Team, contact EMS Deputy Chief Doug Higgins at dhiggins@leegov.com.