Lee County EMS attends and provides coverage at hundreds of special events each year. These events range from large festivals to local school functions. In some cases, the size of a special event may necessitate a large EMS presence to ensure the safety of attendees. We work with organizers on a regular basis to plan and provide this coverage in a consistent and cost-effective manner.

Ambulance Demonstrations to Small Groups

EMS Ambulance DemonstrationLee County EMS is happy to explain to your group or organization about the important role EMS plays in the community. Demonstrations are available for local schools, daycares, community organizations and other community groups. The demonstrations are tailored to the audience, and in many cases include a look at the vehicles and equipment we use to respond to calls. 

These demonstrations are available free of charge and are scheduled at least one week in advance to ensure adequate resources are available to cover the requests. To schedule a demonstration for your group, please contact the Administrative Offices at 239-533-3912 during normal business hours.

Special Events and Festivals

As part of the special event permitting process, Lee County EMS enters into agreements with local events and festivals to provide emergency medical coverage. These events range from Spring Training baseball games to small festivals across the County. In some cases, EMS and partners in public safety will even conduct full-scale planning activities to help ensure the safety and security of your event.

The coverage is provided at a minimal cost, as established by the Board of County Commissioners and published in the County's External Fee Manual.

For more information about special event coverage, please email EMSDetail@leegov.com