Eurocopter EC 135 - Lee Flight N533LF 072115 (2).JPGFor more than 40 years, Lee County Department of Public Safety / EMS has ​provided air medical service to the residents and visitors of the region. Since 2013, the service has operated under the name "LeeFlight."

A unique arrangement in the industry, LeeFlight is a public-private partnership between the Lee County Department of Public Safety and Air Methods.  The agreement between the entities allows Lee County to maintain its presence in the air medical industry to serve the community. A Lee County paramedic is trained to Air Methods' standards and assumes the role of Flight Paramedic.  The pilot and flight nurse are provided by Air Methods, and the company is responsible for all training, reporting, billing and administrative functions related to the program.

If you were a patient transported by LeeFlight, and have any questions or concerns regarding your bill, please contact Air Methods directly at 888-636-4438, or online by clicking here.