Lee County EMS is a professional healthcare organization that provides emergency medical services to all of Lee County. We partner with area first responders to provide assistance prior to our arrival; however, we are not part of the Fire Department or Police Department. Being a professional third-service agency allows us to provide a much higher level of care and focus on doing one thing really well - out of hospital emergency medical care.

We charge a user fee, just like your doctor's office or the hospital emergency room. However, because we are a government agency, we are able to keep our user fee at or below those of small departments or private for-profit EMS providers. By providing the EMS crew your insurance coverage information, our staff can bill your insurance provider, Medicare, Medicaid or workers compensation direct, so you can focus on a speedy recovery. The staff of Lee County EMS can always assist customers who have a question or concern about their bill.

With Lee County EMS, patient care does not end at the hospital emergency room. Our billing services are all done by a professional third-party billing agency so we can insure the most efficient service possible, just as we provide in our 9-1-1 call centers and in the back of the ambulance.

If your emergency incident occurred after Sept. 26, 2014:

Please contact the county's third-party billing vendor, McKesson, for assistance with your account at 844-734-9353.  You can also make a payment online at https://www.peryourhealth.com.

If you need further assistance, please contact the EMS office at 239-533-3911 or email emsbilling@leegov.com.

If your emergency incident occurred before Sept, 26, 2014:

Please contact the EMS office at 239-533-3911 or email emsbilling@leegov.com.