​Shelter Space

There is a substantial shelter space deficit throughout SW Florida. So, if you have a safe place to go, plan to use that location instead of a Public Shelter. But, if you have no safe place to go, shelters will be open. Here are some important points to remember if you choose to go to a public shelter.

When you arrive give your name and address to the shelter manager so you can be located, if necessary.  If you leave the shelter, check out with the shelter manager.  Accountability is important for your safety.

Shelters are not able to provide any conveniences or luxuries. They are not hotels!  Food and water will be available, but there may be a slight delay in initial service. If you want or need special food items, bring them with you!  Bring your family's disaster survival kit to ensure proper provisions.  Below are some items you should consider bringing when going to a shelter:

  • Drinking Water (Initially)
  • Snacks or special foods
  • Lawn chair or bed roll
  • Book or electronic entertainment item with head phones
  • Change of clothing

Service Animals are allowed in all shelters.  We have one Pet-Friendly shelter for cats and dogs, at South Fort Myers High School.  Contact Lee County Animal Services at 239-533-7387 for more information.

Remember, smoking, weapons and alcoholic beverages are NOT permitted!