picture of Lee County radio towerThe Public Safety radio system that serves both incorporated and unincorporated Lee County is operated by the Department of Public Safety's Government Communications Network (GCN) Division. GCN was originally formed in 1990 to manage three stand-alone trunked radio systems. Since that time, the system equipment and mission has expanded with the growth Lee County has experienced.

The GCN section is staffed by a Radio System Manager and three Electronics Technicians. The system repairs are handled by a subcontracted vendor. GCN is responsible for providing and maintaining a Countywide Public Safety voice and data radio network. These systems serve not only Lee County government, but all municipal governments, the Lee County Sheriff's Office, all fire service agencies, plus state and federal offices located within Lee County.

GCN has deployed a nine-site analog simulcast system, five-site Project 25 (P25) digital system in the City of Cape Coral, two-site P25 simulcast on Sanibel, a single site on Boca Grande and a P25 stand-alone site. The radio system also has several conventional radios primarily used for backup Fire Alert, volunteer paging and Statewide Medical channels. These systems are joined together in a zoned configuration to allow for wide-area interoperability. This also provides for decentralized operation so that a failure in one system does not become a catastrophic outage for the entire region.

Lee County Ordinance #07-26 Public Safety Review for Structure higher than 60 feet