Lee County Parks & Recreation (LCPR) Information Resources

We disseminate parks and recreation information in a number of ways.  The "Come Discover" map is a one-stop resource for all LCPR locations and their amenities.  "RecreationaLEE Yours" is our program brochure, which outlines all the ways to learn and play at LCPR parks and recreation centers.  Each LCPR Recreation Center releases a monthly newsletter to communicate the current program/activity details offered at their center.  The recreation centers also create fliers for special events and new programs or activities.  All of these products can be found below.


"Come Discover" is a map-based guide to Lee County beaches, parks, pools, preserves, boat ramps, recreation centers, and dog-friendly parks. The map plots all LCPR sites and includes a list of amenities by location.  Download it here, pick one up at any LCPR location, or request one by calling (239) 533-7275.

Programs & Activities Brochures

The "RecreationaLEE Yours" brochure provides detailed information about all LCPR programs, activities and locations. Download it here, pick one up at any LCPR location, or request one by calling (239) 533-7275.  Six Mile Cypress Slough - 2018 Slough Trail Guidebook (coming soon).

Browse Programs & Activities Online

You can also browse all LCPR programs and activities online. This is also where you can register online. Since program dates, times, locations, and costs vary, the most up-to-date information will be found online through this portal. You can also contact your nearest recreation center or LCPR administration at (239) 533-7275 to get current information on programs and classes offered by LCPR.