Please view our Calendar for meeting agendas and backup materials,
or to learn about upcoming scheduled site inspections. 

Please note: We reduce costs when possible  

In an effort to minimize costs, backup materials printed for meetings (consisting of initial or secondary review reports and maps) will only be made available for the Committee and support staff. Additionally, notification of meetings will only be made via email and by posting to the Conservation 20/20 calendar and Advisory Groups Legal Notices. Hard copies of meeting notices are posted on the bulletin board in the County Administration Building.

If you require special assistance or an accommodation to attend any meeting, please contact Cathy Olson, Conservation Lands Manager, Department of Parks and Recreation, at (239) 533-7455 or email

We kindly request that if you would like to follow along at meetings, please print the backup materials or connect electronically to this page.

NOTE: Meeting times/dates are subject to change and may be canceled if a quorum is not achieved.