​​​​​Register as a Lee County Parks & Recreation volunteer to join Conservation 20/20 staff on supervised workdays at Conservation 20/20 preserves, or to volunteer on independent assignments.

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More information about volunteering can be accessed on the Lee County Parks & Recreation Volunteer Services page.

Volunteers.JPGVolunteer Opportunities

Workday assistance

Conservation 20/20 staff plan regular workdays at preserves to focus on a variety of land management projects. Volunteers are invited to join staff for these workdays to provide assistance. Projects can include native plantings, trimming vegetation, and fence painting. 

Site inspections

Conservation 20/20 preserves are visited regularly by staff to inspect the status of land management efforts and maintenance activities. Volunteers are invited to accompany staff during these inspections to assist with recording observations and other tasks.

Trail maintenance 

Many Conservation 20/20 preserves include miles of marked hiking trails that require consistent maintenance. Volunteers are needed to walk these trails regularly to perform minor trail maintenance and report any concerns, including damage, overgrown vegetation, downed trees, missing trail markers, or other issues.

Trash removal

Volunteers are always needed to assist with collecting and removing trash that finds its way onto our hiking trails and fence line boundaries. Trash collection can be an individual assignment unsupervised by staff, or planned as a small or large group volunteer activity with staff supervision. 

Exotic plant control

Most Conservation 20/20 preserves are impacted at some level with invasive and non-native plants that require removal or other efforts to control their populations. Volunteers are needed to assist staff with controlling these invasive plants. This can be on an individual basis, or planned as a small or large group activity.

Recording wildlife

The volunteer group Lee County Bird Patrol visits several Conservation 20/20 preserves throughout the year to record bird and wildlife sightings. These observations are added to the wildlife lists for each preserve and assist staff with making land management decisions to protect wildlife and their habitat.

Guided nature walks

Free guided nature walks are offered year-round at several Conservation 20/20 preserve across Lee County. If you are knowledgeable about Florida's native plants and wildlife and would like to share this knowledge with others, we encourage you to consider volunteering as a guide for these public walks.

Service projects

Conservation 20/20 has partnered with individuals and groups in the past on a variety of service projects and special assingments. Do you have a special project you will like to propose? Reach out directly via e-mail to conservation2020@leegov.com or call (239) 533-7275.