A preliminary staff review is conducted to screen nominated properties, which allows a property owner to know within a short period of time if their property will be considered further for possible acquisition. The review includes performing an in-house title examination. If the title is clear, the property will be mapped and a site inspection will be scheduled. 

In 2018,
the Lee Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) approved new evaluation criteria for nominated properties, known as the Acquisition Review Criteria. Learn more by reading Resolution 18-08-29.

Conservation 20/20 Acquisition Review Criteria

Once a site inspection is performed, the property will be scored using the 100-point review criteria and presented to the Criteria and Ranking Subcommittee (CRSC) of the Conservation Lands Acquisition and Stewardship Advisory Committee (CLASAC), before reaching the full CLASAC committee for consideration. These committees are comprised of Lee County citizens appointed by the BOCC. The CRSC and CLASAC both meet the second Thursday of each month. 
See Public Meetings Calendar for additional details.

Properties recommended by CLASAC for purchase will then be presented to the BOCC for approval. If the BOCC approves the purchase negotiation, County Lands staff is then authorized to order appraisals and begin the process of potential acquisition.