Lee County is committed to assisting residents whose health would quickly deteriorate in a public shelter during emergencies.  The Special Needs Program is available to all Lee County residents at no cost.

Who Qualifies for Special Medical Needs Shelter? 

Special Medical Needs Shelters are for people:

  • With medical impairments or disabilities who are medically stable but require medical assistance.
  • Whose care exceeds basic first aid provided at a public shelter or need assistance with basic, everyday tasks.
  • Who require electricity for medical equipment such as oxygen, nebulizers, IV pumps, etc.
  • With medical conditions such as moderate/advanced Alzheimer's, dialysis, comorbidity, moderate/advanced neuromuscular disorders.

How Do I Register?

The easiest way to register is online at www.LeeEOC.com.

You can register yourself, or a family member or caregiver can register for you. If you do not have access to a computer, you can also register by calling Lee County Emergency Management at 239-533-0622.

Registrations must be renewed yearly.

Register early - registrations will not be taken once Lee County enters the five-day hurricane forecast cone.  

Do I Need a Caregiver?

A companion or caregiver needs to accompany you during the time you shelter. Florida Department of Health-Lee County has a limited number of staff working. Caregivers will need to bring shelter survival supplies for themselves.

Visit www.LeeEOC.com or call Lee County Emergency Management at 239-533-0622 for more information.

What if I Need Transportation?

If you do not have a vehicle or a ride to get to a Special Medical Needs Shelter or a General Population Shelter, you can register for transportation. Lee County Emergency Management works with LeeTran to organize transportation for those who need assistance. 

What if I do not pre-register?

If you have not pre-registered and do not have a ride, you can go to any LeeTran bus stop or transfer station for a free bus ride to a shelter.

Bus schedules & the Transit app are available on the LeeTran website:  www.RideLeeTran.com.

Service Animals

Service animals are allowed in all shelters.  You can bring your dog or cat with you to a Special Medical Needs Shelter. Animals are housed in a different area but you will have access to feed, walk and spend time with them.

Bring food and supplies your pet will need while at the shelter.

Preparation Tips

  • Register with the Special Needs Program.
  • Have a Go-Kit ready.
  • Make arrangements for a caregiver or friend to accompany you.