If you have had roof damage and are waiting for contractors, there are some steps you can take to remedy leaks. 

On the Inside

  • Buckets: Set up buckets under leaky areas to avoid interior puddling or flooding.

On the Outside

  • Small holes: The smallest holes can be patched by covering them with roof cement.
  • Plastic sheeting:  This is the most temporary measure.  Use roofing nails and 2x4 lumber to attach the plastic to the roof.
  • Tarps: tarps are sturdier than plastic sheeting.
  • Roofing paper: Known as tarpaper or roofing felt and can be found in the building materials section of home improvement stores. It is applied with roofing cement and a trowel.

Finding Contractor

  • Find a reputable contractor through the National Roofing Contractor's Association. Information can be found online at www.nrca.net.