Intended Single Source Purchase: Ambulance Cot and Retention Systems

Date Posted: 11/13/18 to 11/21/18
Project #:  SS190056MKP
Contact:   Mary Patterson
  Lee County Procurement Management
  1500 Monroe St., 4th Floor
  Fort Myers, FL 33901
The description of services intended for purchase from a sole source is posted in accordance with section 287.057(3)(c), Florida Statutes and will be posted for a minimum of 7 business days.
Commodity or Service Required: 
Ambulance Cot and Retention Systems
Lee County Public Safety is seeking to execute a single source for ambulance cot and retention systems. The cots are used to move patients to and from the ambulance, and has storage for equipment with a hydraulic pump operation feature to prevent injury to employees. The retention system is necessary to properly secure the cot in the ambulance and must meet GSA Specification KKK-A-1822, Change Order 8, effective in 2015, to meet Florida Administrative Code 64J-1.007.  
Intended Single Source:
Stryker Corporation
Justification for Single Source Acquisition:
The justification is based on the historical data relating to prior research, there are two vendors that can provide the above cots and retention meeting the GSA Specifications. The other vendor that meets requirements are more expensive and would lead to increased costs to meet the needs of the department.
Recommended Procurement Approach: 
For the reasons stated above, Lee County Procurement Management intends to utilize the Single Source Procurement method to contract with Stryker Corporation for supplying above.
Respond to:
If your firm feels they have the ability to supply the above, please contact Mary Patterson, Lee County Division of Procurement @