Our mission is to serve, support, and collaborate with our customers and each other so we can deliver innovative, timely, and accurate solutions that create value and streamline processes in support of Lee County goals and initiatives.


Our vision is to be a trusted partner who delivers outstanding customer service, fosters collaborative relationships, and provides significant value to be recognized as procurement experts and leaders within Lee County.


We depend on values to construct the frameworks of our professional lives.  They:

  • Are enduring beliefs or ideals shared by public procurement and our customers about what is and what is not good or appropriate in our actions.
  • Exert major influence on the behavior of an individual.
  • Serve as department guidelines.
  • Influence how we make choices, what choices we make, and how we are to be judged on our actions by the customers and each other.

Ethics - Doing the right thing. This value is essential to deserve the trust of the public, customers and each other.

Impartiality - Unbiased decision making and actions.  This value is essential to ensure fairness for the public good.

Accountability - Taking ownership and being responsible to all customers and each other for our actions. This value is essential to preserve the public trust and protect the public interest.

Professionalism/Transparency - Easily accessible and understandable policies and processes.  This value is essential to demonstrate responsible use of public funds.

Service - Obligation to assist customers and each other.  This value is essential to support the public good.