Task 8 - Priority Matrix

Upon review of the model findings, and coordination with agencies, the project team further evaluated the concept projects identified as being beneficial to proceed to project funding and design phases. A preliminary Opinion of Probable Cost (OPC) was prepared for the projects that proved beneficial. A project prioritization matrix was then developed utilizing the information identified for each potential concept project. The priority matrix includes five criteria that help to analyze each project and show the subsequent attributes of each one. Descriptions of each criterion assist in determining and scoring each project. The criteria are as follows:

  • Cost and Flood Mitigation Benefit
  • Existing Drainage Level of Service
  • Multiple Benefits
  • Land Availability
  • Permittability
This matrix can assist the County in prioritizing projects for further analysis, budgeting, and capital improvement project consideration. The most viable concept projects may be selected for budgeting and implementation. This future step includes funding development, grant applications, land acquisition (where necessary), permitting, design, bid, and construction. It is important to note that this Flood Mitigation Plan is intended to serve as a master plan level document, assisting Lee County by conceptually identifying a system of flood mitigation improvements that could be implemented over a multi-year planning horizon, such as thirty years or more. While this matrix can assist in determining desired implementation priorities, there may be other future issues arise that could revise timing for moving certain projects forward. This could include opportunities where grouping of projects is beneficial from a design/construction standpoint.