Upon review of the modeling findings, and coordination with agencies, the AIM team will further evaluate the potential flood reduction projects identified as beneficial. A high level preliminary Engineer’s Opinion of Probable Cost (EOPC) will be prepared for each project. The cost opinions will be based on the preliminary concept-level descriptions.

In addition, a summary report will be prepared for each project including additional information such as:

  1. FPLOS impacts based on regional model output
  2. Approximate Size of area benefited
  3. Is there a Water quality improvement potential (qualitative)
  4. Is there a Water storage potential (qualitative)
  5. Brief discussion of environmental considerations
  6. Discussion of anticipated ongoing maintenance requirements of these projects

The most viable flood control projects will be selected for budgeting and implementation. This next step includes grant applications, land acquisition (if necessary), permitting, design, bid and construction. The most viable options will be presented to the Board at a to-be-determined date in 2020.