Program Terms

If you income qualify and live in unincorporated Lee County you may be eligible to receive assistance to make necessary repairs to your home. Lee County may place a forgivable mortgage on  your  property  in the  amount of assistance  received. This mortgage is zero interest and does not require monthly payments as long as you continue to own and occupy your home as your primary homesteaded residence for the duration of the mortgage term (other requirements may apply).

 Some eligible repairs may include: 

​Roof repair/replacement​Plumbing
​Septic repair/replacement​Heating and Air Conditioning
​Well repair/replacement​Window replacement
​Electrical​Door repair/replacement

How to Qualify

To  apply for assistance you MUST :

  • Live in unincorporated Lee County (not within a city)
  • Be a U.S. citizen or resident
  • Have annual income at or below HUD's income levels
  • Have owned and lived in your home for at least the past 12 months
  • Be current on all mortgages, property taxes, and homeowner association fees
  • Obtain hazard and flood insurance (if applicable) prior to assistance
  • Own and occupy your home for the duration of the deferred mortgage

Property Eligibility

To  apply for assistance your property MUST :

  • Be homesteaded
  • Be free of excessive clutter
  • Property shall not be listed for sale by owner or by a realtor at the time of assistance
  • Property cannot be included in any open bankruptcy proceedings, foreclosure, or probate 

Additional Information 

  • Some repairs may be given emergency priority
  • Minimum assistance amount is $1000
  • Maintenance type repairs are not eligible
  • Mobile homes may be eligible if you own the mobile home and the land on which the home is located
  • Cannot have excessive termite or mold damage (Area affected cannot exceed 2-3 sheets of paper)
  • Married couples living separately are not eligible for assistance 

Start an application now, e-mail, or call 239-533-7900 ​

NOTE: Due to COVID-19 ALL Repair and Rehabilitation applications received since March 2020 have been placed on a waiting list. As of Monday, June 15, 2020, we have resumed inspection operations and are beginning to process the applications previously placed on the waiting list in the order they were received. Consequently, it may take several months to review and process new applications, as they are placed at the bottom of the list.

These basic home maintenance tools are available to help you maintain a safe and sanitary home.​

Other Resources 

Disabled Veterans looking to make their home suitable for independent living should visit the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs website for information regarding the Specially Adapted Housing (SAH) Grant program.

Weatherization Assistance is now provided by Centro-Campesino Farmworker Center, Inc. For more information, please contact Nancy ​​​at (305) 245-7738, ext. 236.

Residents within Fort Myers City Limits:
Please call the City of Fort Myers Housing & Real
Estate Division
at 239-321-7970 for possible assistance with housing rehabilitation.

Residents within Cape Coral City Limits:
Please call the Cape Coral Housing Development Corporation at 239-471-0922 for possible assistance
with housing rehabilitation.