Mary Hayden
   Facilities Manager


Carpentry & Lock

Maintains a full-service shop including:

  • Cabinetry
  • Welding
  • Woodworking
  • Remodeling
  • Lock Shop

The Locksmith Shop consists of three professional locksmiths who handle all county department lock work. We focus on customer service and provide training in advanced security technology. 
The lock shop maintains locks that include:

  • Lever Locks
  • Combination Locks
  • Electronic Locks
  • Panic Bars
  • Safes
The lock shop services include:
  • Duplicating standard and high security keys
  • Creating master systems for new construction and rekeys
  • Repairs and service calls
  • Preventive maintenance


A full-service electrical shop maintaining high-voltage equipment down to automatic doors and gate, as well as the control system. We have an 80-foot bucket truck for repairing ballpark lighting. We have 24-hour, on-call service.

Detention & Jail

Downtown Jail

Oversee the maintenance and repair of the 450-bed jail located downtown. Two trades workers maintain the jail.
A recent project was replacing the manual toilet flush valves with an electronic low flow flush valve, which also can limit the amount of flushes in a given time. This product has saved the taxpayers more than $150,000 annually in water.

Ortiz Detention Center

The Maintenance Detention Department works solely for the Lee County Sheriff's Office. At the Ortiz Ave site, we have two buildings: Core One and our newest building, Core Two (tower). We are responsible for the maintenance of the CPUs, which house the 60- to 90-day inmates. The maximum capacity for the inmate population at the Ortiz facility is 1,560.

Environmental Health & Life Safety

Environmental Health

  • Responding to all indoor air/environmental quality concerns. The primary duty is protecting the health of the indoor environment for the public, staff and facilities we serve.
  • Investigating and providing recommendations pertaining to reported indoor air quality issues.
  • Performing remediation work as necessary.
  • Holding and keeping current the necessary licenses pertaining to our job functions.
  • Calling in and supervising outside agencies for projects concerning our shop's scope of work (lead concerns, asbestos, mold, biohazards, fire damage, flood and water damage events) that encompass more manpower than our two-person shop can effectively and efficiently perform.
  • Responding to all water intrusion/flooding incidents and overseeing the drying processes to prevent the possibility for future development of indoor environmental issues.
  • Responding to all biohazard calls (sewage back-ups, blood-borne pathogens) and seeing that affected materials are properly removed and disposed of, and all fixed surfaces are properly disinfected to prevent transfer of potential bacterial hazards.
  • Responding to reported chemical spills, suspected toxic gas releases, etc. to ensure proper mitigation.
  • Responding to nuisance odor concerns.
  • Caring for, maintaining and using specialty industry equipment.
  • Performing various Indoor Environmental Quality tests and collecting data pertaining to our scope of work.

Life Safety

Responsible for all life safety systems, building fire systems, Evacu-Trac, defibrillators, investigations and follow up on any and all claims resulting from injuries and accidents plus anything else that may be related to life safety in all Lee County owned or leased facilities.

General Maintenance

  • General Maintenance includes HVAC, Carpentry, Painting, Locks, Welding, Irrigation, Plumbing, Electrical, Flooring & Roofing. General maintenance is considered to be any existing item requiring normal repairs. There are some exceptions for specialty items such as Fencing, Gates, Water Features, etc. Contact our shop at 533-9000 for specific information.

Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning (HVAC)

Provides air conditioning repairs, new installations, air quality control, 24 hour on call service, and oversees capital improvement projects.​

Irrigation & Plumbing

Responsible for the installation and repair of plumbing and irrigation equipment throughout Lee County. Our trades workers repair and install pump systems, sprinkler heads, toilets, faucets, lift stations, water piping systems and any other services that pertain to plumbing and irrigation.


The Paint Shop consists of professional painters who are committed to quality work, whether doing touch-ups, a few rooms or a whole building. In addition to our work order system, routine inspections are carried out to assess conditions.    
Maintenance painting is completed on an as-needed basis to protect surfaces from deterioration. High traffic areas may require more frequent painting.  
 Additional services outside the scope of maintenance may be billed to the requester's department. The Paint Shop also handles' all flooring needs and coordinates with outside contractors to meet the needs of more ambitious projects.
 We are committed to using low VOC (volatile organic compounds) materials to reduce any unfavorable impacts on our community and to embrace new environmentally friendly coating technologies.

Preventive Maintenance

Includes planned maintenance and repair services on a routine basis in order to keep assets running smoothly, and to prevent costly unplanned downtime from unexpected equipment failure.

Maintenance & Repair Services Warehouse

We provide trades workers with the necessary parts, tools and equipment to complete their work orders in a cost-effective and efficient manner.

U.S., Florida, POW/MIA and all military service flags are given out, free of charge, every six months to departments with flag poles.

Pest Control

The Pest Control Shop has instituted an Integrated Pest Control maintenance program where Lee County Government facilities and offices are checked on a regularly scheduled preventive maintenance program and treated only when a problem or potential problem exists. This program eliminates the excessive use of pesticides in these environments. Some of the Pest Control Shop functions are as follows:    
  • Provides in-house pest control preventive maintenance services to Lee County Government owned and leased buildings on a monthly or bi-monthly basis.
  • Provides rodent abatement program services to Lee County Government owned and leased facilities on a quarterly basis.
  • Provides termite inspections every six months to Lee County Government owned and leased buildings.
  • Coordinates live bee removal from buildings with a certified vendor.
  • Coordinates termite fumigations for Lee County Government buildings with a State-Certified vendor licensed to administer the fumigant.
  • Provides bed bug treatment to affected Lee County Government offices.