​Mission Statement

Our mission is to construct, maintain, and improve on Lee County's infrastructure by providing services such as efficient heating & cooling, building construction, building renovation, housekeeping, parking lot maintenance, project management and building trades services. We ensure that Lee County facilities are constructed, renovated and maintained for an energy efficient, safe and functional environment, in a cost effective manner, for its occupants.

Facilities Construction Services

The department's construction professionals:

  • Offer supervision, direction and support to county departments for the comprehensive planning, capital budgeting, site selection, design and development of non-transportation capital projects.
  • Provide project management services for Libraries, Parks, Transit, and other government facilities throughout Lee County.
  • Prepare space analyses, estimates and handle remodeling projects for county departments, constitutional and court offices.

Facilities Management Services

The department's Maintenance and Repair Services (MARS) professionals:

  • Maintain  all properties used by government departments/agencies within Lee County. This includes parks, jails, office/administrative buildings, as well as a myriad of support structures throughout Lee County.
  • Feature a multi-disciplined group of trades workers ranging from carpenters to jail technicians to meet customer needs.