Sanibel Causeway Center Island B Shoreline Stabilization

Start Date:


Status: Current
For Department: Parks & Recreation

Details: This project consists of the stabilization of the shorelines of Sanibel Causeway Center Island B, which have experienced chronic erosion caused by coastal forces and uncontrolled stormwater runoff from the roadway. Stabilization will be accomplished by construction of various stabilizing structures and the importation of beach sand. This will greatly increase the value of the park as a tourist attraction by maintaining its aesthetics and by adding highly appealing beach sand and improved access to fishing.
The project is currently in the design phase which began on 05/15/2017 and the anticipated start of construction is 03/01/2020.
Estimated Completion Date: 8/10/2020

Location: Sanibel Causeway, Center Island B, Lee County[ MAP ]

Cost: $2,002,600
Funding Source: Bed Taxes
Project Manager: Richard Whalen Phone: 239-281-5258 Email:

Contractor:The contractor has not been selected at this point in the design process.
Engineer:  Aptim Environmental and Infrastructure, Inc
Architect: Aptim Environmental and Infrastructure, Inc.