Q:Who do I contact for information about County-owned real property?
A:Marja Borkert, Property Acquisition Assistant, by email mborkert@leegov.com or call 239-533-8746.

Q: Who do I contact for information regarding County road rights-of-way?
A: Visit the Lee County Department of Transportation website or call 239-533-8580.

Q: How do I submit a request to donate my real property?
Submit requests in writing to:

  1. Robert Clemens, Director of County Lands, by email rclemens@leegov.com, or
  2. Mail to: PO Box 398 Fort Myers, FL  33902-0398; or
  3. Fax to: 239-485-8391.

Include as much information as possible, such as:

  • How our office may properly respond to you (we will need your contact information such as an email or mailing address)
  • Your Real Property Tax identification number, a/k/a STRAP number(s)
  • Street Address of your property
  • Reason for the donation

Q: Who do I contact for information about non-County owned property?
A:  Visit the Lee County Property Appraiser's Office website or call 239-533-6100.
Q: Who do I contact for information about real estate brokerage firms?
A: Visit the State of Florida Department of Professional Regulations website or call 850-487-1395.