Where Do I Go...

Q: to find the Lee County Commissioners' offices?
2120 Main St., Fort Myers View map (Mailing address: P.O. Box 398, Fort Myers, FL 33902-0398)

Q: to find the Lee Cares office?
The functions of the former "Lee Cares" office are handled by several different departments. Call the Lee County switchboard at 239-533-2111 for more information. 

Q: for County court?
A: Lee County Justice Center, 1700 Monroe St., Fort Myers View map

Q: for Federal court?
A: U.S Courthouse & Federal Building, 2110 First St., Fort Myers View map

Q: to record a deed, get a marriage license or get a passport?

A: Clerk of Court, Lee County Administration, 2nd Floor, 2115 Second St., Fort Myers View map

Q: to get a copy of my Florida birth certificate? (Lee County, 1953 to present; other counties, 1963 to present)
A: Lee County Health Department, 3920 Michigan Ave., Fort Myers View map

Q: to pay my City of Fort Myers water bill?
Fort Myers City Hall, 2200 Second St., Fort Myers View map

Q: to vote?
A: Lee County Supervisor of Elections Precinct Finder

FAQs by Topic...


Q: Where can I find information on the county budget?
A: Lee County Office of Management & Budget


Q: How do I get assistance for a businesses expanding or wanting to do business in Lee County?
A: Lee County Economic Development


Q: Where can I get information about building codes and code enforcement?
A: Community Development

County Commission

Q: What commission district do I live in? Who is my commissioner?
A: Find My Commissioner

Q: How can I get involved in a County advisory board?
Advisory Committees


Q: How do I get an absentee ballot?
A: Supervisor of Elections


Q: How do I get housing assistance?
A: Lee County Human Services' Housing Services Program offers a variety of affordable housing services designed to meet the needs of eligible low-income households.

Official Documents

Q: Where can I find county codes and ordinances?
A: Governance Documents


Q: How do I get a permit?
A: Visit the Lee County Permit Center portal to find out what permit you need and where to get it.

Request for Action

Q: How do I request action from county departments?
A: Lee County's Request for Action Center allows you to easily submit and track the status of service requests online. We will soon be expanding our RFA to include more Lee County departments. You can also contact the other departments via email or telephone. View our Staff Directory.


Q: Where can I get information about government structure, meetings, public records/official documents, public forums and solicitations?
A: Lee County Transparency Portal


Q: Can my tax dollars be used to fix the private road I live on?
A: No. The Lee County Department of Transportation is limited to work within county maintained right-of-ways. However, an alternative is to form a Municipal Services Taxing/Benefit Unit (MSTBU).

Q: How do I find the status of road projects?
A: Roadwatch Update


Q: How do I pay my Lee County Utilities bill?
A: Payment options


Q: Where can I find volunteer opportunities?
A: I Want To Volunteer