Tasks & Status

In June 2016, the County Commission hired AIM Engineering & Surveying, Inc. to conduct the first phase of the study, which was to define a scope of services for the study, including the study area, specific work activities to be undertaken, and deliverables to be produced.  In February 2017 the County Commission authorized AIM to proceed with the second phase, to actually conduct the study in accordance with the scope of services. 

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The contract included the following tasks:

Task 1 – Compile Existing Traffic Data (Completed May) Technical Memoranda

Traffic counts/adjustment factors/area development approvals/road capacities/programmed improvements

Task 2 – Level of Service Analysis for Existing Conditions (Completed May) Technical Memoranda
Comparison of traffic counts to roadway capacity

Task 3 – Base Year Model Subarea Modifications (Completed Aug.)
Calibration of FDOT computerized transportation model to reflect existing development and programmed improvements

Task 4Future Year Traffic Projections (Completed Sept.) Technical Memoranda
Use of FDOT model to estimate traffic volumes in development build-out year of 2026

Task 5 – Level of Service Analysis for Future Conditions (Completed Sept.)  Technical Memoranda
Compare future traffic volumes to capacities with and without EEPCO developments (Wild Blue, The Place/Corkscrew Farms, Pepperland Ranch, Verdana)

Task 6 – Transportation Improvement Cost Estimates (In Progress)
Planning-level costs for adding capacity to roads projected to fail and accommodating surface water flow and wildlife movements

Task 7 – Environmental Support Tasks (In Progress)
Surface water flow and wildlife movement data collection and coordination to identify opportunities for enhancements

Task 8 – Proportionate Share Analysis/Identification of Potential Financing Options (Pending)
Calculate share for each EEPCO development of costs of improvements needed with their impacts

Task 9 – Public Involvement Program (In Progress)