Needed Improvements

The work completed to date through Task 5 has identified a set of roadway improvements needed within the study area by the presumed buildout date of the four developments of 2026.  The needed improvements were segregated into those needed even without the four developments moving forward, and those needed because of the added traffic from the four developments.  The latter category is the basis for calculating the proportionate share obligation of the four developments toward road improvements.

 Initial Improvements

The staff has conducted an extensive review of all road connections to Corkscrew between Ben Hill Griffin Parkway and Alico Road. The review included compilation of crash data and development agreement requirements to allow staff to determine the most immediate needs to be addressed. More projects may be forthcoming, but we begin work without waiting for the complete analysis.

The initial improvements will be:

  • Create a westbound to southbound left turn lane at the Preserve. This will allow westbound traffic to make a protected left turn into the Preserve safely and out of the westbound through lanes
  • Extend the eastbound right turn lane at Stoneybrook Golf Drive. This will allow more vehicles to stack in the right turn lane at peak school times and not affect eastbound through traffic. Lee DOT extended the westbound to southbound left turn lane at this same location last year to allow more vehicles to stack in the left turn lane and not affect westbound through traffic.
  • Install electronic speed display signs at appropriate locations to increase driver awareness of their traveling speeds.
  • Put in place electronic “Traffic Signal Ahead” signs, connected to and timed with the newly installed traffic signal at Bella Terra, which will alert drivers in advance of signal operations.

share.png  Proportionate Share

Lee County is working to establish the proportionate share of infrastructure-improvement costs that new development within the overlay will pay. This will be an important funding source – one of many – for the infrastructure improvements for this area.  As part of development agreements, the four developments are responsible for payment of a proportionate share of the total cost of improvements are needed with these projects. State law does not permit assessment of a proportionate share for needed improvements without the development. Proportionate share calculation is based on the development agreements and the formula and methodology outlined in Lee County Administrative Code AC-13-16. The proportionate share for WildBlue and The Place At Corkscrew are capped at road impact fees plus $1,600 per residential dwelling unit. Pepperland Ranch does not have a proportionate share cap. The Verdana development agreement is under negotiation.

 nostudy.png  Without Overlay Subdivisions

  • I-75 8-laning from Bonita Beach Road to Alico Road (FDOT is programming a PD&E study)
  • Corkscrew Road 6-laning from Three Oaks Parkway to Ben Hill Griffin Parkway
  • 4-laning from Ben Hill Griffin Parkway to Grande Oak Way (Grandezza entrance)
  • Alico Road 8-laning from Three Oaks Parkway to I-75
  • SR 82 8-laning from Daniels Parkway to SW 40th Street

  With Overlay Subdivisions (basis for proportionate share calculations)

  • Alico Road 4-laning from Airport Haul Road to Wildblue Entrance
  • Corkscrew Road 6-laning from Ben Hill Griffin Parkway to Grande Oak Way
  • 4-laning from Grande Oak Way to Alico Road