In 1982, the Fleet Management operation was privatized. It was run for four years by ARA and the next four years by Ryder/MLS. In 1990, control of the operation was returned in-house. A new, 40,000-square-foot facility was built in 1992 on a 10-acre site in Fort Myers. Unfortunately, problems arose due to the high debt service for constructing the new facility, along with ever-increasing employee costs and a substantial fine by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection for hazardous waste that had allegedly been transferred to the new facility.

Extreme cost-cutting measures were instituted, including reconfiguring staff responsibilities. Additional work was brought in to raise more revenue, spending and accounts payable were reconfigured, personnel costs were reduced, recycling was increased, stricter budgeting was instituted, and close monitoring of environmental regulations was enforced.

Today, Lee County Government's Fleet Management Division is strong and financially stable. With a staff of 27 employees, Fleet Management maintains more than 1,650 vehicles that are used by the county's 25 departments and divisions each day in providing services to residents. Fleet also maintains and services another 200 vehicles for the Property Appraiser, Court Administration, Elections and the Health Department among others. The fleet includes everything from passenger cars, light-duty trucks and commercial vans to ambulances, graders and super-duty construction trucks and equipment. The division has an adopted operating budget of 11,402.70 for Fiscal Year 2016/2017. Creativity and innovation were the true keys to Fleet's rehabilitation. Our goal is to "always be better." When people think of the best fleet, we want them to think of us. ​