local planning agency


local planning agency

When: Monday, May 21, 2018
8:30 am

Where: Community Development/Public Works Center
1500 Monroe Street
Fort Myers, FL 33901
Conference Room 1B (First Floor)

To view a copy of this agenda, go to www.leegov.com/dcd/events
To appeal a decision made at this hearing, a record of the proceedings will be needed. The person appealing the decision is required to ensure that a verbatim record is made.
Persons with disabilities who need an accommodation to participate in the Local Planning Agency meeting should contact Janet Miller, 1500 Monroe Street, Fort Myers FL  33901 (239-533-8583 or JMiller@leegov.com). To ensure availability of services, please request accommodation as soon as possible but preferably five or more business days prior to the event.  Persons using a TDD may contact Janet Miller through the Florida Relay Service, 711.