notice of intent to adopt a resolution authorizing the exchange of public property pursuant to §125.37 of the florida statutes


notice of intent to adopt a resolution authorizing the exchange of public property pursuant to §125.37 of the florida statutes

When: Tuesday, June 6, 2017
9:30 am

Where: Lee County Courthouse
2120 Main Street
Fort Myers, Florida

​A public meeting will be held on June 6, 2017, at 9:30 a.m. in the Board of County Commissioners Meeting Room, in the Lee County Courthouse, 2120 Main Street, Fort Myers, Florida. At this meeting, the Board of County Commissioners will consider the exchange of public property pursuant to Florida Statutes Sec. 125.37.

The purpose of this Resolution is to facilitate the exchange of 2438 SF public lands subject to a public Right of Way and Right of Way Maintenance easement, subject to the certain restrictions, for construction of roadway improvements and entrance signage for Southwest International Commerce Park.  The property to be exchanged by Lee County is located off of Treeline Ave., at the intersection of Treeline Ave and Jetport Loop Extension in Section 27, Township 45 South, Range 25 East and is no longer needed for County purposes. It is in the best interest of the County to exchange the original property and easements for the replacement easements and maintenance obligations.

In exchange, the Southwest International Commerce Park Owners Association, Inc., will construct certain improvements at the entrance for the Project, including a culvert and accompanying drainage improvements under Jetport Loop Extension to facilitate and provide for the County's drainage needs; convey or dedicate a public right of way easement over the right of way portions of the Property for use by the traveling public; convey or dedicate a Perpetual Public Drainage Easement for the Property; perpetually maintain the drainage improvements, including culvert, pipes, swales, etc., immediately under and adjacent to the Project, and, perpetually maintain the right of way improvements constructed within the Property boundaries.  The terms of the exchange are more fully set forth in the Agreement for Exchange to be adopted in conjunction with this exchange.

Copies of this Notice and the proposed Resolution of Exchange are available for inspection or copying during regular business hours at the Minutes Office of the Clerk of Courts of Lee County, located in the Courthouse Administration Building, 2115 Second Street, Fort Myers, Florida.

Interested parties may appear at the meeting of the Board of County Commissioners, in person or through a representative, and be heard by the Board on the proposed Resolution of Exchange.

Anyone wishing to appeal the decision made by the Board on matters considered at the meeting will need a recording of the proceedings, Generally, it will be necessary to obtain a verbatim record, including all testimony and evidence upon which the appeal is based.  If the Resolution of Exchange is adopted by the Board at this meeting, it will take effect immediately.

Lee County will not discriminate against individuals with disabilities.  To request an accommodation, contact Joan LaGuardia, (239) 533-2314, Florida Relay Service 711, or, at least five business days in advance.