community action agency/neighborhood district committee quarterly meeting


community action agency/neighborhood district committee quarterly meeting

When: Thursday, January 18, 2018
5:30 pm

Where: Lee County Human and Veteran Services
Conference Room, #102
2440 Thompson Street
Fort Myers, Florida

The CAA/NDC is a voluntary advisory committee.  We wish to hear and address your public concerns.  Due to the length of the agenda, we request public comment be limited to 3 minutes.  In addition, speakers, please provide any handouts pertaining to your presentation to Department staff for distribution prior to the Call to Order.  The agenda will be as follows:

I. Call To Order
    A.  Members Present
         1. Members Absent/With Excuse
         2. Members Absent/Without Excuse
    B.  *Approval of November 16, 2017 Minutes

II. Public Comment

III. Reports
    A. Program Reports
        1.  IRMA Recovery – Kim Hustad
        2.  Assessment of Fair Housing – Jeannie Sutton
    B.      Neighborhood Reports
        1.  Charleston Park – Melvin Lawson
        2.  Page Park - Lee Coleman
        3.  Palmona Park – George Sand
        4.  Pine Manor – Anne Gomez
        5.  Suncoast Estates – Charles Garretson

IV. New Business
    A. *Fiscal Year 2017 Organizational Assessment – Kim Hustad
    B. *Community Services Block Grant (C.S.B.G.) Work Plan – Kim Hustad

V. Public Hearing
    A. First Public Hearing U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Annual Action Plan for (HUD) Fiscal Year 2018-2019 – Jeannie Sutton

VI. Adjournment

*Item Needing Action

In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, Lee County will not discriminate against qualified individuals with disabilities in its services, programs, or activities.  To request an auxiliary aid or service for effective communication or a reasonable modification to participate, contact Joan LaGuardia by phone at 239-533-2314; through the Florida Relay Service, 711; or  Accommodation will be provided at no cost to the requestor.  Request should be made at least five business days in advance.

For translation services or additional information, please contact:
Jo-Ann DeNigris, Lee County Human and Veteran Services at 533-7930

Next Meeting: March 8, 2018

Meeting minutes and agenda are posted on our website: