Creation, Powers and Ordinances of Home Rule Charter Government

Section 1.1: Creation and General Powers of Home Rule Charter Government

Lee County shall be a Home Rule Charter county, and, except as may be limited by this Home Rule Charter, shall have all county and municipal powers of self-government granted now or in the future by the Constitution and laws of the State of Florida.

Section 1.2: Body Corporate, Name and Boundaries

Lee County shall be a body corporate and politic. The corporate name shall be Lee County. The county seat and boundaries shall be those presently designated by law.

Section 1.3: Relation to State Law

The provisions of this Home Rule Charter are not intended, and shall not be construed, to conflict with the Constitution of the State of Florida, a general law, or special law approved by vote of the electorate.

Section 1.4: Relation to Municipal Ordinances

Municipal ordinances shall prevail over County ordinances to the extent of any conflict.