The East Mulloch Water Control District replaced the East Mulloch Drainage District pursuant to legislation passed by the State of Florida.  House Bill 1089, Chapter 2018-74, Laws of Floridacreated the East Mulloch Water Control District as a dependent special district of Lee County under Florida Statue 189.

1. Full Name: East Mulloch Water Control District

2. Public Purpose: Drainage and/or Water Control.  The District is responsible for maintaining canals, water retention ponds and drainage structures.

3. Governing Body Information:

a. Appointing Authority: Board of County Commissioners of Lee County

b. District Members (3):

​Original appointment
Term Expires
​Alan Freeman, Supervisor
June 2025​
​Patrick Hayes, Chairman
​June 2024
Kolin R. Manning

​June 2026

4. The District’s fiscal year is from October 1 to the following September 30.

5. Authorizing Statutes and Creation Documents: East Mulloch Drainage District was first created in 1963, by the Florida Legislature, as an independent special district under Chapter 298, Florida Statutes.  The most recent legislation, House Bill No. 1089, Ch. 2018-74, Laws of Fla., effective July 1, 2018, created a successor/replacement East Mulloch Water Control District, now a dependent special district of Lee County to operate under Florida Statutes Chapter 189.  The most recent amendment to the District’s charter came as a result of the Lee County Board of County Commissioner’s adoption of Lee County Ordinance No. 19-11.   This Ordinance amended the District’s charter as follows:

  1. Ownership of property in the District is a prerequisite to appointment to the District’s 3-Member Board of Supervisors.

  2. The District’s boundaries were returned to the configuration as they existed on June 30, 2018.

  3. The District assessment was increased to an amount not to exceed $60.00 per acre (non-acreage prorated), per annum.

On August 20, 2019 the Lee County Board of County Commissioners approved an ordinance to amend the service area.

6. Contact Information: 

For service requests or related inquiries, please contact:
Lee County DOT Request for Action Hotline at 239-53309400 or fill out the online Request for Action Form.

For general information about the EMWCD or its assessments, please contact:

Alan C. Freeman, Supervisor
PO Box 511
Estero, FL 33929
239-267-7622 FAX 

7. Boundaries: Lee County, Florida in an area of approximately 3,000 acres, primarily known as San Carlos Park.  See Lee County Ordinance No. 19-11 for a legal description and map of the District.

8. The District has the power to levy a non ad-valorem assessment rate for all property within the District. Its revenues are collected by the Lee County Tax Collector.  Pursuant to Lee County Ordinance No. 19-11 the District assessment is not to exceed $60.00 per acre (non-acreage prorated), per annum.

9. Code of Ethics:  The Supervisors are also required to complete financial disclosure, meeting notices, reporting, public records maintenance as set forth in Chapters 112, 119, 189 and 286, Florida Statutes.  These laws are set forth on the website of the Florida Commission on Ethics

10. Budget 

12. Public meetings are scheduled as needed with proper notice pursuant to §189.015(1), F.S.

13. State of Florida Department of Financial Services website pursuant to §218.32(1)(g) –

14. The District currently has no employees.