​Lee County was awarded recovery funding for Hurricane Irma which is administered through Florida Department of Commerce (formerly the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity) and the Florida Department of Emergency Management (FDEM).

The links below will provide the project description, status, and agreements.

CDBG-DR Hurricane Irma  (Administered by Florida Commerce)

​San Carlos Park Drainage and Sidewalk


​Repair Sidewalks in Neighborhoods


​Replace Richmond Pedestrian Bridge


​CDBG-MIT Hurricane Irma (Administered by Florida Commerce)

​     Hertz Arena Shelter Hardening

​     $4,560,000

​     Alico Arena Shelter Hardening
​     $2,786,415
​     Waste to Energy Plant Hardening
​     $2,280,983
​     Risk Assessment and Resiliency Planning
     (A and B Evacuation Zones)
​     $253,000
​The public may submit comments or complaints related to Hurricane Irma CDBG-MIT funded activities through any of the following means:
Via email at: recovery@leegov.com
Mailed to: 
Lee County Government County Administration
c/o Strategic Resources and Government Affairs
PO Box 398
Fort Myers, FL 33902

​HMGP Hurricane Irma (Administered by Florida DEM)
​     Drainage District Canal H-7
​     $76,271

​     Lee County 41 Industrial Park
​     $87,467

​     Shelter Generators - Veterans Park
​     $445,082
​     Shelter Generators - Manatee Elementary
​     Shelter Generators - Treeline Elementary 
​     $1,365,908
​     Shelter Generators - Harns Marsh Elementary
​     $1,275,628
​     Shelter Generators - Alico Arena 
​     $1,395,859

​FDEP Resilient Florida Planning Grant
     Risk Assessment and Resiliency Planning 

​     $383,000