LeeTran is a shared ride system, and other individuals may need to be scheduled on the samRiding Passport.JPGe vehicle. It may be necessary to get to an appointment a little early or picked up from a return a little later than requested. LeeTran will make every effort to offer a pick up and drop off time that is as close as possible to the times requested. Passengers are required to be ready up to one (1) hour before their drop-off (appointment) time. For longer, cross-county trips, you may be required to be ready up to 90 minutes before. The driver may arrive within thirty (30) minutes (Pick up Window) after your scheduled pick up time. Passengers may be dropped off up to thirty (30) minutes prior to their requested drop off (appointment) time. For the return trip, the driver may arrive up to thirty (30) minutes after your requested return pick-up time (Pick Up Window).

Passport is door-to-door transportation. Drivers are not permitted to lose sight of their vehicle or leave their vehicle unattended with passengers on board longer than 15 minutes. If a passenger lives in an apartment building, adult care living facility, nursing home, or similar place that has a common lobby, the passengeris required to meet the driver in the lobby. The passengers are to be fully dressed and ready to board the vehicle. Drivers are not allowed to assist passengers in dressing. Drivers are not allowed to lift, carry or load passengers into their mobility devices (i.e., wheelchair , scooter, etc.). Passengers may board the vehicle either via lift, ramp or doorway. Drivers will assist riders when entering and leaving the vehicle. This includes offering a steady arm when walking, assisting in bringing the rider's wheelchair or other mobility device to and from the main door, or if requested, assisting with unlocking and/or opening a main entrance door of the building or residence. Drivers are not allowed to enter residences or take wheelchairs up or down more than one step.

If the destination is in an office complex, hospital, or has a common lobby, drivers will leave the passenger in the lobby.

Passport drivers are required to announce themselves and wait for passengers five minutes after their arrival. If a passenger is not ready, the driver will then call dispatch to request permission to mark the trip as a no-show. If the trip is beginning at a residence, dispatch should then try to call the passenger. If the trip is beginning at a place other than a residence, the driver will attempt to locate the passenger. The driver will complete a No-Show door hanger notice and a notice will be mailed to the passenger.