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Effective Saturday, March 10, 2018


As of Saturday, March 10, LeeTran will make updates to the Fort Myers Beach Tram Pilot Program. The goal is to provide service that is more convenient for the visitors and residents of Fort Myers Beach.

As of Saturday, March 10:

  • The Beach Trolley (Route 410) will extend its route and travel from Lovers Key State Park, on the south end of the island, to the Times Square area on the north end.
  • In the Times Square area, passengers will have the opportunity to connect with the Beach Park & Ride Trolley (Route 490).
  • The Beach Tram (Route 420) will continue to travel between Bowditch Point Park and Matanzas Pass Preserve.
  • Passengers can connect with the Beach Tram or Trolley at any stop along Estero Blvd. that is between Times Square and School St.
  • Both the Beach Trolley and the Beach Park & Ride Trolley are $0.75 a ride, $2 for an All-Day Pass, or $4 for a 3-Day Pass. The Beach Tram is free of charge. 
  • The Beach Tram and Beach Trolley run from approximately 6:30 a.m. to 10 p.m. seven days a week.
  • The Beach Park & Ride Trolley runs from 7 a.m. to 8:45 p.m. seven days a week.
  • Please note: because this is a pilot program, and changes are being made, the Ride LeeTran app prediction times may not be accurate. Also, because of the changes the printed schedule times for the Beach Trolley (Route 410) will no longer be accurate.

Fort Myers Beach Trolley Extension Map.jpg

A partir del sábado, 10 de marzo, LeeTran actualizará el programa piloto del tram de Fort Myers Beach. El objetivo es proporcionar un servicio que sea más conveniente para los visitantes y residentes de la playa.

A partir del sábado, 10 de marzo:

  • El Beach Trolley, Línea 410, extenderá su ruta y viajará desde Lovers Key State Park, en el sur de la isla, hasta el área de Times Square en el norte.
  • En el área de Times Square, los pasajeros tendrán la oportunidad de conectarse con Beach Park & Ride Trolley (Línea 490).
  • Beach Tram (Línea 420) continuará viajando entre Bowditch Point Park y Matanzas Pass Preserve.
  • Los pasajeros pueden conectarse con Beach Tram o Beach Trolley en cualquier parada a través de Estero Blvd. que esté entre Times Square y School St.
  • Ambos el Beach Trolley y el Beach Park & Ride Trolley cuestan $ 0.75 por viaje, $ 2 por un pase para todo el día o $ 4 por un pase de 3 días. El Beach Tram es gratuito.
  • Beach Tram y Beach Trolley funcionan aproximadamente desde las 6:30 a.m. hasta las 10 p.m., siete días a la semana.
  • El Beach Park & Ride Trolley funciona desde las 7 a.m. hasta las 8:45 p.m., siete días a la semana.
  • Tenga en cuenta: debido a que este es un programa piloto y se están realizando cambios, los tiempos de predicción de la aplicación móvil Ride LeeTran pueden no ser precisos. Además, debido a los cambios, los horarios de horario impresos para Beach Trolley (Línea 410) ya no serán precisos.

Fort Myers Beach Tram.JPG

New Beach Park & Ride officially opened Tuesday, 12/19

LeeTran's new Beach Park & Ride, at the corner of Pine Ridge Road and Summerlin Square Drive officially opens Tuesday, 12/19. Come out, see the new facility, enjoy free parking and ride the trolley to the beach for just $0.75 a ride or $2 for the day!

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Temporary Stops at Bell Tower

Due to construction, starting Monday, January 15 the shelters will not be accessible at the Bell Tower Shops. Temporary stops will be located on Big Pine Way in front of Cantina Laredo and the parking by Outback Steakhouse.

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