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Due to US 41 construction along US 41 (Cleveland Avenue) from Winkler Avenue to SR 82 (Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard), the Route 140 will experience temporary service delays and stop closures at various locations along the route throughout the construction phase. The Florida Department of Transportation construction will have crews installing and relocating utilities and constructing medians on US 41 from Winkler Avenue to SR 82.


Five bus routes will return to their off-season schedules on May 2nd affecting service for Fort Myers Beach, Estero, Bonita Springs, the Downtown River District and the LinC connection with Collier Area Transit (CAT). Route 150 and Route 600, will transition to the off-season schedules on Sunday, April 28th. Details are below:

  • Fort Myers Beach: The trolley (Routes 410, 420 and 490) and tram routes that operate during peak season, will merge into one route called Route 400. This route will travel from the Beach Park & Ride, Summerlin Road and Pine Ridge Road, to Lovers Key State Park. It will no longer travel on First St. and Old San Carlos Blvd. NORTHBOUND. It will instead travel directly from Lovers Key State Park to Bowditch Park, then stop at Times Square before heading to the Beach Park and Ride.
  • The downtown Fort Myers River District Trolleys (Gold 505 and Blue 500 lines) will end seasonal service on May 1st.
  • Route 150 will transition to the off-season schedule.
  • Route 600 will transition to the off-season schedule.

There are some additional, non-season related changes occurring on Routes 20, 40, 70, 590 and 595.

Route 20: 
Route 20 bus will only travel on Lee/Fowler on its EASTBOUND trips towards Rosa Parks Transit Center

Route 70:
When approaching and departing Cape Coral Transfer Center, Northbound Route 70 will travel on Cape Coral Pkwy instead of 47th Terrace between Del Prado Blvd and SE 10th Place.

Routes 140, 590 and 595:
Merchants Crossing – removing bus stop on US 41, please use stops inside parking lot.

Complete information: SCHEDULES

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​Rider Alerts!

Significant Delays Expected

Significant delays expected due to increased beach traffic and ongoing construction on Estero Blvd. Please exercise caution when boarding and alighting the transit vehicles in construction zones. Some stops may not be accessible while crews are working.

Route 40 March 2019 Updates

Effective Monday March 4th, 2019: In an effort to best serve the transportation needs of our community, LeeTran will be revising the "Route 40" time table for the remainder of the seasonal schedule.  This schedule will be in-effect until May 1st, 2019. See new schedule

Route 140 Stop Closures Due to Construction on US 41

Route 140 Northbound/Southbound

Stops along US 41 between Victoria Ave. and Winkler Ave. will experience intermittent closures. Stops that are taken out of service will be marked as closed.

To use Route 140 please proceed to the nearest stop outside of the construction area.

Route 490 Seasonal Fort Myers Beach Service

Route 490 Northbound - alternative pick up location for select trips on Estero Blvd. near Crescent St. Alternative pickup location will ONLY be at the following times:


This will impact the 490 Northbound stops on Crescent St., Fifth St., and Times Square.

Beach Park & Ride Trolley (Route 490):
Three trolleys that will travel between the Beach Park & Ride and Times Square until 10:23 p.m., seven days a week

Beach Trolley (Route 410):
Three trolleys that travel between Bowditch Park and Lovers Key until approximately 10 p.m., seven days a week

LeeTram (Route 420):
Free open-air tram circling from Bowditch Point Park to Matanzas Pass Preserve. The beach tram is estimated to run every 20 minutes, depending on traffic, seven days a week. Service starts 8 a.m. at Bowditch Park and ends 7:50 p.m. at Matanzas Pass Preserve.

Seasonal service runs through May 1.

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