9070-400.jpgIt is very important that you call well in advance, and no later than two hours before the trip if you find it necessary to cancel. This will prevent a vehicle from being assigned to pick you up. Trips cancelled with less than two hours' notice will be considered a No Show.

 No Show

  • A No Show is defined as:
  • Failure to cancel a trip two hours or more before the scheduled pickup time.

A vehicle arrives within the prescribed pickup time and the passenger does not go, or fails to respond within five minutes of the vehicle's arrival time.

Frequency of trips along with the number of missed trips will be used to determine a no show percentage rate. This no show percentage rate will be compared to the Passport system-wide no show rate to identify a pattern of excessive no shows.

At the end of the month, those passengers who have been recorded as having (3) or more No-Shows will be reviewed to identify the passenger's trip and No-show history as well as their frequency of travel. Each No-show will be verified to determine circumstances of the missed trip.                           

Those passengers whose No-Show rate is more than 5 (five) percent and in excess of the average No-Show rate for the month may be subject to disciplinary action up to suspension of services if the No-shows are determined to constitute a pattern. Excused occurrences are not part of the calculation.

The formula for determining the average No-Show rate is:

No-Shows / Total trips per month = Average No-Show rate for the month

Passengers should always make every effort to cancel trips that are no longer needed. Circumstances that occur for reason beyond the control of the passengers that result in a late cancellation / no-show will not be counted against their missed trips.

For additional information, please contact the Passport Office at 239-533-0300.