Required Art File Formats for Bench Signs and Shelters:

  • We prefer a Photoshop .PSD file or an Illustrator .AI file with layers included. (This is better than a flattened TIFF because, unlike a print ad, the nature of this type of advertising could result in possible slight moving of certain elements to allow for fasteners, metal edges in shelters, and so forth. Your graphic would not be greatly altered and you would see a proof.) We can also accept an .EPS file from the original application in which the art was created, with fonts converted to paths (outlines.)
  • The preferred resolution is 300 dpi, however, between 150 and 300 is acceptable. Less than 150 dpi is not acceptable and more than 300 dpi is not necessary.
  • Use CMYK color mode. Please create outlines of your fonts or supply the fonts in use.


  • Digital photos are preferred and must be at least 300 dpi. If digital is not available, photos can be scanned
    in-house at LeeTran. Glossy photos are preferred as they scan with the best quality outcome and with little clean-up required.
  • A photo is best as a TIFF but a JPEG can be used. However, it must be a high resolution JPEG, at least 300 dpi (no less will work.) A JPEG from a website is not acceptable as it will be of a low resolution. A JPEG cannot be enlarged or you cannot have someone change the resolution settings to be higher as the pixels will only stretch, resulting in a pixelated image and poor quality.


  • Logos are preferred in one of the formats mentioned above, with the EPS file being the most suitable. PSD files are not necessary for logos. If the logo is in TIFF format, it should be of high resolution as mentioned above.

Advertising Dimensions

Bench Signs:

  • 72" x 24" - All bleeds should be at least two inches in excess of edge.
  • Fort Myers Beach Bench Signs: 56" x 24"
  • Viewable pertinent text & graphics should be within 54 ½ " x 22 ½ "


  • There are two shelter ad sizes:
    1. Trim size is 47.5" x 68.5"
      Viewable pertinent text & graphics should be within 45.25" x 66.25"
    2. Trim size 48" x 68.55"
      Viewable pertinent text & graphics should be within 45.25" x 66.25"

Exterior Bus Panels:

  • King: Street side – 180" x 37", 90" x 42", 140" x 37", 71" x 37", and 90" x 32"
  • Queen: Curb side – 140" x 32", 90" x 32", and 71" x 32"
  • Bus Interior Cards: 28" x 11"
  • Full Bus Wraps, High Impact Tail and King Kong:
    • There are three bus sizes: 29’, 35’ and 40’. A template will be provided for layout.

For More Information

Sharon Snew