Jesse Lavender, Director, Parks & Recreation

Robert Clemens, Director, County Lands

Roland Ottolini, Director, Natural Resources

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Conservation 20/20 is a land acquisition and stewardship program to protect natural areas in Lee County for the benefit of present and future generations in Southwest Florida.

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    • County Lands
      (Land Review and Acquisition):
      Phone: 239-533-8833
      Fax: 239-485-8391
      1500 Monroe St.
      Fort Myers, FL 33901
      View map
    • Mailing Address:
      P.O. Box 398
      Fort Myers, FL 33902-0398
    • Parks & Recreation
      (Land Management):
      Phone: 239-533-7400
      Fax: 239-485-2303
      3410 Palm Beach Blvd.
      Fort Myers, FL 33916
      View map
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