​LeeTran provides approximately 4 million passenger trips per year on its fixed-route bus system. Passengers are counted each time they board a bus by automatic passenger counters​ installed at the front entrance. The passenger count is also reconciled with the number of times a fare is paid.

LeeTran's ADA Passport division provides more than 100,000 passenger trips per year to qualified disabled citizens.

Ridership is reported annually to the Federal Transit Administration, which maintains the National Transit Database​ containing statistics about every transit agency in the United States.

Ridership statistics are recorded by fiscal years; the County's fiscal year begins on Oct. 1 and ends on Sept. 30.

LeeTran: Current Fiscal Year 2015: Oct. 1, 2014 to Date

               Chart: 10-Year History

 Passport: 5-Year Report from Fiscal Year 2010 to Date

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