Lee County’s Department of Public Safety is comprised of several divisions with functions designed to assist residents, visitors and local government agencies.

E9-1-1 Division

Responsible for maintaining a county-wide, fully enhanced emergency telephone number and addressing system.

The focus of the E9-1-1 Program is to provide technology, service and training for Lee County's 9-1-1 networks, as well as support for local police and sheriff dispatchers' departments. While the State of Florida provides overarching guidance, and Lee County accomplishes the goal of an operational E9-1-1 System by employing the most current digital technology and operational training programs available.

The E9-1-1 Addressing Office supports the naming and coordination of streets across unincorporated Lee County. A list of addressing guidelines, the county ordinance, and street name application are all available online.

Emergency Medical Services (LCEMS)

Responsible for providing advanced life support pre-hospital emergency health care utilizing both ground and air ambulance support throughout Lee County.

Emergency Dispatch Center (Lee Control)

Responsible for providing a county-wide radio network and dispatch center that handles emergency requests for fire, emergency medical and emergency management emergencies.

Emergency Management (Emergency Operations Center)

Responsible for planning, mitigation, response, and recovery oversight for large scale emergencies and disasters.

Government Communications Network (GCN)

Responsible for administering an 800 MHz communications system for countywide emergency response entities, government operations and local municipalities.

In addition, the Department of Public Safety furnishes contracted fire protection services to dependent fire districts and administers the distribution of fire and EMS impact fee and all hazard monies to independent fire districts and EMS agencies.