logistics.jpgThe Logistics Division of the Department of Public Safety provides logistical support for all Public Safety divisions with a focus on EMS and Emergency Management. We are the critical support organization operating in the background, helping others to be successful. Using the 11,000-square-foot warehouse, the staff purchases, stores and delivers supplies seven days per week, 365 days per year to EMS stations, as well as supplies during emergency incidents to locations throughout Lee County.

Logistics also manages the third-party provider responsible for stocking the medical disposables in the eight EMS supply centers located throughout the County; as well as sourcing, inventorying and distributing uniforms and apparel for all Public Safety divisions.

Daily decontamination services are performed by Logistics staff on EMS durable equipment picked up at locations throughout Lee County, along with restocking of the supply lockers with clean equipment at those same locations. In addition, Logistics operates the ambulance restocking facility at the Fleet location, providing restock service to EMS vehicles brought in for service.

The tracking and scheduling of preventive maintenance and repairs of EMS durable equipment, as well as the maintenance of the Public Safety fixed asset records including the annual fixed asset physical inventory, are also Logistics’ responsibilities.